Hunting Trail Closures - 2019

In Unity the south half (2 miles) of the trail between the Hunter Road and the Clark Road is closed from Oct 5 to Dec 31 (closed on Sundays too)

In Unity the trail south of the Clark Road (that begins and ends on the Clark Road) is closed from Oct 5 to Dec 14 (closed on Sundays too)

In Unity and Freedom the trail is closed from the Stevens Road to the Clark Road from Oct 5 to Dec 14 (closed on Sundays too)

In Montville, a one-mile section is closed (posted at boundaries) in the middle of the Goose Ridge trail between Freedom Pond Road and Penney Road on Oct 26, and from Nov 2 to Nov 30 (open on Sundays)

The Hogback Connector and Hogback Mountain trails are closed from Nov 2 to Nov 30 (open on Sundays).

Please note that closures are posted on trails and at nearby kiosks.

The Mission

Connecting Waldo County communities through trails to celebrate our heritage
of natural and working landscapes.

The Coalition

The Waldo County Trails Coalition (WCTC) is a collaborative project of ten Waldo County organizations working to create a year-round recreational footpath stretching from Unity to Belfast. The Coalition envisions the trail as a way to raise environmental awareness, support our working landscape, and connect and strengthen communities.

The Coalition’s objectives are to support community wellness by creating more opportunities for outdoor recreation, environmental education, nature observation, and to deepen our sense of place. The Coalition also desires to support economic opportunity for farms, B & Bs, and area businesses through tourism.

The Trails

In 2012 work began on the 47-mile Hills to Sea Trail from Unity Village to City Point in Belfast, and the last section was completed in September 2016. The footpath winds its way to the coast through the communities of Unity, Knox, Freedom, Montville, Morrill, Waldo and Belfast linking with schools and farms along the way. Most sections of the trail are open year-round for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The Hills to Sea Trail connects with existing trails of Coalition partners and uses some of these trails for the Hills to Sea route.

Click here for a more complete description of the trail.

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The trail was made possible by the generosity and participation of more than 60 private landowners who gave permission for the trail to cross their lands. The trail also crosses more than 7,000 acres of conserved lands. The arrangement with private landowners is a simple verbal agreement and handshake. Landowners maintain complete control over what takes place on their land and over their continued participation. Maintaining the privilege to use these lands requires everyone’s participation in caring for the trail and respecting the land.

The Hills to Sea Trail links more than 60 miles of trails. Work is ongoing to maintain the trail and to link with more trails and locations. If you would like to be involved with this exciting project or contribute financial support for the long-term stewardship of the trail, please go to the Volunteer/Donate page.

Please observe these guidelines: