The Waldo County Trails Coalition needs your support. Most of the work being done - from trail building and maintenance to brochure and website development, is coordinated and done by volunteers.

To sustain this exciting and valuable community resource, volunteer and financial support is essential. Please contact us today at info@waldotrails.org or call 948-3766 to get involved.


The Waldo County Trails Coalition has a very modest budget that supports our trail management, maintenance and outreach efforts. We depend primarily on grants and donations for our funding.

If you've enjoyed the Hills to Sea Trail (or the idea of the trail), we'd love to have your support!

You can mail a check to WCTC at PO Box 381, Unity, ME 04988 or donate online with PayPal by clicking the Donate button. (Please note that donations are being handled by Shop Unity Maine.)

If you would like to talk personally about a donation, please contact Tom Mullin, WCTC steering committee chair, at tmullin@unity.edu or 207-380-6413.

Thank you and happy trails!

Trail Stewards Needed

The Hills to Sea Trail is maintained by volunteers who adopt a section of trail and walk it four times a year (April, June, August and October; winter stewarding is optional) to be sure the trail can be hiked easily and safely. Ideally, this involves doing some basic work such as trimming branches and removing debris from the trail to whatever degree a steward is able. When work is required beyond what a steward can do, chain saw work for instance, this can be reported to the office for someone else to do. New stewards receive a brief orientation. Some stewards sign up with a friend and do this together.

We are also looking for one or two people whose only responsibility is to check paint blazes along the trail and refresh or add them as needed. This would involve walking several sections of trail only once a year during spring and summer.